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Western Auto Supply co. Motor

Hello, I was wondering if you could tell me what kind of motor I have or if it is worth anything. I know it's a western auto supply Co. But other than that I know nothing. It is not seized up however I have not tried to run it. I received it from my father and he got it from his.

Re: Western Auto Supply co. Motor

Is there a way to post a picture of it? My name is Mark by the way.

Re: Western Auto Supply co. Motor Here is an image of the motor any hel you guys can give me will be greatly appreciated.

Re: Western Auto Supply co. Motor

My guess is that it could be a WA-6, WB-4, WB-6, WD-4s or a WF-4. My bet is on the latter two as it had a recoil starter. The tag down the side of the leg (shown in the picture) should tell you and then let us know. Looks like you are missing the rope pull starter on the top and the propeller. It looks like it could be made to run without too much fuss. It is missing the shroud over the front of the carburetor and the covers over the spark plugs, but that is cosmetic. yours is a 6hp. motor made by Mercury in the 1940's. Many parts from a Mercury KD4 should be interchangeable. With patience, can find the parts on eBay.

Your high speed needle knob is missing. I was missing mine and made do with a bottle cap with a nut on both sides.

Re: Western Auto Supply co. Motor

For the Propeller, try Joe Poole at Fergusen-Pool Inc.
They have new old stock for around $60.

Here is one on eBay for $16 plus shipping.

Here's another for $16.

Re: Western Auto Supply co. Motor

Here is your original picture in bb code.

See the ID tag on the side down by the swivel at the transom bracket?
What does it say???

Re: Western Auto Supply co. Motor

I believe this is the starter recoil that is missing.

This one is for the WD-3S, but I think the 3.2 and 6hp recoils are the same. Hopefully someone will chime in and verify that for me????

It looks like the rubber is still good too. BONUS!!!

Re: Western Auto Supply co. Motor

The parts manual for the WF-4 and WG-4 is on the Wizard site here. about half way down is the parts manual free. The post right after it, is how to convert the part numbers into the last current mercury part numbers.
The instructions given for the operation of the WD-4S motor are good for the WG-4 also.

Use TC-W3 two cycle outboard motor oil in your fuel no thinner than 32:1 mix ratio. Some on this forum use 16:1 mix and others use 24:1. If your motor has needle bearings, I think 32:1 is just about right. Use more oil if yours uses brass or bronze bearings in the power head.

You can get hard to come by parts on eBay by searching "Wizard outboard" and being patient. Lubriplate 105 is used in the lower gear case and is available at Napa auto parts if you happen to have a store locally. Corn head grease is a substitute for lower unit grease also.
The Wizard WF-4 has many parts in common with the Mercury KD4.

If your water pump impeller is bad, you can get a new one made by Bob Scott.
You will probably need the one marked "MERC KG".
You will need to send him the metal core from the old impeller. His contact information is here. Bob is a nice guy. just remember that this is not his main job and he does it out of love for the old motors.

Re: Western Auto Supply co. Motor

I have been "down in basement" again this week. I did some measuring of the
center to center distances of a single tank and a twin tank for KD/WD 3S
and KD/WD 4S of both the rewind mounting holes and the tank to motor mounting
holes to see if and how they differ. Several of the measurements are the same or close enough to be hard to distinguish.
However two measurements are different enough to be quick and positive methods
to determine if a tank (rope or rewind type) is for a single or a twin ...the
front mounting studs are 8 plus inches center to center on a twin and 7 plus
inches on a single. The front mounting holes for a twin rewind are 8 plus inces center to center while on a single they are 7 plus inches center to center.

so for either a tank or a rewind 8 plus means twin while 7 plus inches means single...unless and until someone finds an exception. Perhaps a big to do about
not very much except for those of us trying to track down tanks and rewinds.

I was just looking at this post from louis and it seems there is a difference between the one and two cylinder recoils and the one I give the link to above will not work for your two cylinder motor.

Re: Western Auto Supply co. Motor

Hi Mark,

The ratchet installed on the crankshaft for the missing (in the picture) recoil starter assembly is of the type for a WD4S. We do have a replacement carburetor main adjustment screw knob in stock if needed (, and many other (Wizard WD4S) parts as well. Very cool to read that it was passed down from your grandfather.