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Re: KD3 or WD3 Rewind

I have been "down in basement" again this week. I did some measuring of the
center to center distances of a single tank and a twin tank for KD/WD 3S
and KD/WD 4S of both the rewind mounting holes and the tank to motor mounting
holes to see if and how they differ. Several of the measurements are the same or close enough to be hard to distinguish.
However two measurements are different enough to be quick and positive methods
to determine if a tank (rope or rewind type) is for a single or a twin ...the
front mounting studs are 8 plus inches center to center on a twin and 7 plus
inches on a single. The front mounting holes for a twin rewind are 8 plus inces center to center while on a single they are 7 plus inches center to center.

so for either a tank or a rewind 8 plus means twin while 7 plus inches means single...unless and until someone finds an exception. Perhaps a big to do about
not very much except for those of us trying to track down tanks and rewinds.