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wd3 diagram

Just got done painting a wd3 #158222
Very pleased with how it looks
Just need help putting it back together
Can you help with a diagram?
Spefically the throttle lever configuration
Will contribute pics when complete
Thank you,

Re: wd3 diagram

I asked the same question back in 2009 and never could find anything.
Here may have some similar items under the Mercury K models WD3 = mercury KD3

Here's my original posting:

I'll dig my WD3 out of the back of the shed if I need to. What exactly are you trying to find out with the throttle lever configuration? will pictures help?

My wd3 with bottle cap High speed fuel adjustment knob.

The General instructions for the WD-4S available here:
This works quite well for figuring out how to run the WD3 also. Just ignore the parts breakdown. The Wf-4 and WG-4 manual may have some insite into how your throttle goes back together.

Re: wd3 diagram

Except for paint color, id tag and decals the postwar Mercury KD3 and KD4 were same as Wizard WD3 and WD4
Rewind equipped models may have a name plate either
for Mercury or Wizard
These are not very complex motors so except for getting fasteners in correct locations not a lot
of fit and try to assemble. Fasteners come with
coarse or fine thread in non standard lengths and
the heads are not a current standard. Fasteners
to attach water pump housing to gear case are small with small lock washers.
Any thing you have a problem with post a picture so
we can answer the question you are asking
You may have to shim tank to deal with interference
with the throttle/magneto arm.
What can be misunderstood will be misunderstood