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Mid 50s wizard for parts?

I have what I am guessing to be a mid 50s wizard I am looking to possibly sell anyone interested?

Re: Mid 50s wizard for parts?

Always nice to find a parts motor...
Make Model and Serial Number (if available) Please
Location and condition very helpful too.
Pictures are worth several thousand words each.
Sometimes only a part needed...are you willing to
part out?
Questions for which you may be able to provide answers

Re: Mid 50s wizard for parts?

It is a WG 4 serial 515958 Lower shaft/gear has rust damage due to water found after it was given to me not alot but it is there. I have some pics where can I send? No dents in the unit but has a bad handyman pait job also thought about restoing it but don know if I can get the lower gear.

Re: Mid 50s wizard for parts?

Removing paint...I use Purple Power cleaner concentrate $4.97 a gallon at Wal Mart.
This is a strong alkali (think Lye) that requires
long rubber gloves and splash protection for eyes.
Dilute in water it will strip grease and paint
just keep soaking and scrubbing. I use a plastic
dish pan in porcelene laundry tub so mess is
contained. When done RINSE. Waste solution is
safe to go in drain and will even help keep drain
clean, This stuff will take paint off right down
to bare metal. No Odor either.
Your WG4 may or may not be a parts motor.
Loss of cosmetic appeal thru repainting is not a plus.
If problem is a little rust on gear teeth that
may not affect operation as much as you might think.
It may be worth while to put some time and very little money into seeing if motor will start and
run. May only need points cleaned and a little
fresh gas/oil mixture squirted into carburetor throat.
Remove prop and impeller if just starting on
saw horse out of water. A free outboard is usually
worth some diagnostic effort. Even if everything
else is okay a set of coils and an impeller will
probably total more than motor would be worth
in running condition.

Re: Mid 50s wizard for parts?

My WD3 had rust damage down in the foot and it runs just fine after I took it apart and used electrolytic rust removal on the rusty parts. The bevel gears have some pitting but it seems to still go just fine with no noise down there. You might be able to save it if you have the patience to tackle it. The Lubriplate 105 grease really keeps it quiet.

You might get a few NOS parts from Joe Poole. I think he had some bevel gears at one time for the twin cylinder wizards with the K model lower units and new prop shafts too.

This post below has the parts manual for the WG4 and a link to convert the old part numbers to modern part numbers. takes a while to load, but it's worth the wait.
Food for thought,