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Rare New Old Stock Wizard Parts

This is a list of very rare parts, but some other parts are available also.

Partial Overhaul Gasket Set fits WB2, WB3, WD3, & WD3S @ $14.99

Pinion Gear fits WN7A @ $79.99

Propeller Gear fits WF4 & WG4 @ $124.99

Clutch (shift) fits WK7 @ $129.99

Impeller Drive Hub fits WD4 & WD4S @ $19.99

Stator Plate & Cores (ignition) fits WF4 & WG4 @ $99.99

Condenser (ignition) fits WF4 & WG4 @ $11.99 each

Piston fits WA2, WA3, WB2, WB3, & WD3 @ $89.99

Fuel Tank Fuel Hose - 12 feet two line (Used) fits WJ7 & WK7 @ $29.99

Throttle Gear & Coupling fits WH6 & WH6A @ $34.99

Owner’s Manual for WN7 & WN7A @ $39.99

Joe Poole, Jr.
Ferguson-Poole, Inc. (Marine Sales & Service since 1951)
1080 Parkway Industrial Park Drive
Suite E
Buford, Georgia 30518-1655
(770) 597-5992 Cell
(770) 271-1022 Business
Payments can be made by money order, check, or thru PayPal

Re: Rare New Old Stock Wizard Parts

Have a wizzard wk7 old motor was left on property by previous property owners its been here about seven years i finally got around to looking at it since i bought a small boat with no motor. it had been badly weathered and had fallen to the ground and gotten dirt in it i took it apart to see if it could be saved the lower unit is intact and has good turn and also catches all gears it is dirty and in need of attention but all parts move easyly by hand unfortunately the pistons where blown and had to tap them out the can turns easy but is a bit battered. i did not know it was a collectors item or else would not of even messed with it and would have tried to have it repaired at a shop most parts are in fair condition have them soaking in a mix of oil and gas to clean and properly lube them have all part to engine including top an bottom covers if you are in terested pplease email me i will photograph all parts and email them. thanks for your time.