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Re: Pet odors

I send out Oban in my start-up Package as an odor neutralizer. It could be that the animal distributed its pee widely over the surface area of the rug. You might want to invest in a black light which will help you to observe urine deposits. You can find these at the various pet supply houses such as Petsmart, or at a well-stocked janitorial products outlet. When I come upon a customer with a seriously pet-impacted rug, I will often suggest that they have it sent out for a full immersion cleaning, which will give them the best shot at having all of the odor removed. You can establish an arrangement with one or more such facilities in your area, and receive a referral fee from them for every rug you send them.

Re: Pet odors

Liquid live. Is an awesome odor remover also. Safe on any surface, and works wonderful

Re: Pet odors

Oban is good but Peeradicator from Vac away is better. More work required than Oban but worth the effort $ wise

Re: Pet odors

Charles, you will never get it out unless you have a rug wash pit.

Re: Pet odors

i agree with Joe. at least that is what i would tell the client.

is it cat or dog urine?

i straight up tell my clients and prospective clients that i do not have good success with cat urine. dog urine on the other hand is FAR easier to take care of.