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Re: Fiber-Plus Scrubber Pad

I had to use a FP pad on a real nasty job today.Low cut Berber with nasty pet stains. I tried just a coton pad at first but I was not satisfied with the results. I resprayed the entire room with Vac away Itensity green boosted with spot and boost. I scrubbed and the nasty stains seemed to melt away I repadded with cottons and the carpet looked darn near new

Re: Fiber-Plus Scrubber Pad

Steve, did the addition of the Spot & Boost create some level of odor?

Re: Fiber-Plus Scrubber Pad

No Not that noticeable The lemon smell of the I Green
may have masked the Chemical smell

Re: Fiber-Plus Scrubber Pad

Try the Spot N Boost Green. Same results, no nasty smell.