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This message board welcomes open and friendly debate on matters relevant to Ashton and its history, and the publicising of local events, activities and facilities. Please read the board rules before posting.

Extracts from this forum and other material have been brought together to provide a local history from the contributions of members.

Forum: Ashton-in-Makerfield Community Forum
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Re: Re: Skatepark

all i ever see getting done in ashton besides making the roads narrow (how annoying is that! it now takes me 20 mins to get from the caledonion to the motorway compared to 5 when it was wide) is benche's and flowers going up things to make it pretty and sod the younger people, just leave them and let them trash the place so we can call them all yobs. Great Idea!!!
I'll go get a big stick to wave at them when thay walk past.

Town: Ashton

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