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50's corsair information?

I recently bought a 5 hp corsair outboard at a garage sale for $5. I got it running but seems to run very rich and pretty rough. I've tried finding information on this motor but seems there's not a lot out there. It has a 0-9carb setting knob, I'm guessing it controls the amount of fuel? The last time I took it out it would only run decent when the knob was on 0. For the fuel mix I used mercury 2 cycle tcw3 oil 1 pint per gal which seemed like a lot if oil per gal. Also I took apart the lower end,and noticed it takes grease instead of oil, what kind of grease should be used to fill it back up? The impeller looked decent but I would like to get a new one, I'm guessing they don't make one like it anymore, what kind of money would I be looking at to have one made? Not sure how to post a picture of it on here so the model # is 5027. Any information on this motor would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance. -mike

Re: 50's corsair information?

Congrats on your garage sale treasure. My cheapest outboard and first Wizard cost me $15 at a flea market. I only got it for that because it was missing the propeller,prop shaft,lower gears, and gear case cover.

Your Model number indicates that your corsair motor was made in 1950 and is a 2 cylinder 5 hp motor.
Corsair was made by Scott-Atwater and was discontinued in 1957 after Scott was sold to McCulloch.

Discount Marine Parts is probably the best place to get parts and manuals for your motor.
eBay is the next best bet.

It is a good bet that the 5 hp Scott-Atwater motor produced about the same time has parts and functions similar to your corsair with only the cowlings being different.

Some later Scott-Atwater manuals can be found here:

The Flying Scott guy probably has an impeller to fit.
read this thread about impellers and compare your impeller to the ones in the pics and ask the flying scott guy what he thinks:

I found the specs for the Corsair 5027 in a chart:
The original spark plug was a Champion H10J
Spark plug gap .035
point gap .020
original fuel mix 8oz oil per gallon or 16:1 ratio.

Use Lubriplate 105 motor assembly grease available from NAPA in the lower unit.

I suspect your carb needs cleaning and your float might be stuck open. varnish in the carb can be cleaned using a bottle of methanol fuel treatment or denatured alcohol.