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I need a water pump impeller, or the number for it,for a Mercury Comet(1947/48) KE3 Ser.No.234502 vince

Re: impeller

Early K Model Vane type impeller is Mercury Part Number 47-24447
The impeller is the same on singles and twins up to KD4 twin and KE3 single
Mercurys and up thru the WG4 under the Wizard brand.
East Coast Marine,Fergusson Poole have offered them in past
Brian Wilcox makes several NLA impellers
In the past impellers have been made from somewhat similar industrial
coupling spider element.
I have opened up several dozen old outboards and have yet to find a vane
type impeller I would trust.
Coils and impellers for an antique outboard are not inexpensive but they
are usually available unlike new old motors.

Re: impeller

CORRECTION: Neither East Coast Marine Old Merc nor Ferguson Poole Inc offer
the 47-24447 impeller. It would still be a good idea to ask as they may
have them OR if enough requests are made they may find a manufacturer either
in USA or you know where overseas. The Old Scott site offers several brands
and models but does not list 47-24447 Again worth an email to let them know
that a demand exists. I last saw Brian in July and he was still making impellers at that time. It seems to me that it all revolves around the volume of demand
and financial risks of making a product for which there is an uncertain market.
I will check with Brian to get current status and revisit this issue

Re: impeller

Thanks Louis It all helps alot

Re: impeller

UPDATE on Impellers February 16, 2015
I talked with Brian Wilcox this afternoon regarding IMPELLERS for Early K Model
made by Kiekhaefer as Mercury Sea King or Wizard.

Oscillator type used on prewar and some postwar Mercury Part 24427 AVAILABLE
Needs old impeller to reuse metal core.

Vane type impeller used on postwar Mercury and Wizard KD,WD.KE3.WF4,WG4
Mercury Part 47-24447 AVAILABLE needs old impeller core

Mercury KF3 & KF5 impeller Mercury Part 47-22062 AVAILABLE need old impeller core

NOTE The Mark 5 has water pump on drive shaft and uses a still available impeller

KE4 & Mark 7 impeller Mercury Part 47-24472 AVAILABLE need old impeller core

Brian also offers handle grips and rewind handles and various other items.

Brian Wilcox
9231 Stone Road
Algonac, Michigan 48001
(810) 794-7685
currently no web site

I have no financial interest or other involvement.
As far as I am currently aware Brian is sole source for the above impellers
He is the AOMCI Wizard Special Interest Group he is pretty good
on Wizards

Re: impeller

47-4447 impeller KD3, KD4, KE3, & Pre-War models converted to use impeller. Also comparable Wizard models & WF4 & WG4.

In stock and ready to ship!

Re: impeller

Sorry, Old Mercs doesn't have them either as I found out when I tried to add one to the cart and it was too late to delete my post

Re: impeller

A small clarification UPPER case AVAILABLE means Brian Wicox has the impeller.
lower case available re Mark 5 means it is still offered by on line vendors.


Re: impeller

A OMC impeller #382221 will fit but you need to cut the two notches in the hub so the brass piece will fit. The hub is plastic so its easy to cut.

Re: impeller

Thanks Birney for the sustitute part number. I was wondering if anything else was a close fit.

I ordered one to try from this website.

Re: impeller

Do you happen to know what Brian Wilcox is charging for his K model impellers right now?

I contacted Bob Long, the flyingscott guy, and he has them in stock for $35 including shipping with your old core.