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wizard 5hp outboard motor

Hello I have a 1969 wizard 5hp outward motor does anyone know the value of it and were I can get parts.

Re: wizard 5hp outboard motor

You have a Wizard tagged Eska. Not worth much, but they made a lot of them (Mostly for Sears as Ted Williams). They are worth about $75 in my area. You can get most of the basic parts on E-bay. When looking for information look for Eska Diagrams. Tecumseh made the powerheads for these.

Many of the parts are interchangeable on the lower units for the small hp. models or at least the ones I owned were. ?When guessing at if a part will work, try to stay within your hp.

Re: wizard 5hp outboard motor

Ok thanks I'm going to run it on my small fishing boat