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Wizard special 5hp

I have a Wizard Special 5Hp with the Model number ESK660A96 and the serial number of 343687. I would like to find out what year this motor is and does it have a water pump. I know the motor is Air cooled. Can anyone give me some info on this. I have search the net and can not find anything. If it has a water pump where do you get one for it? any parts diagrams so I can see where it is at? Any other info?

Thanks Jeff

Re: Wizard special 5hp

ESK6600A96 sorry I left out one number.

Re: Wizard special 5hp

If I am not mistaken, if you flip around the last two digits, you get your model year .... 1969. Your outboard was made by Eska, and other than the Wizard label, it is the same as the Eskas sold at Sears under the name "Ted Williams" (eventually Gamefishers) and a couple other economy labels. They do have an impeller in the exhaust leg to keep the lower bearing cool. Finding parts booklets may be tough, but if you search eBay for Eska and Ted Williams outboards, you might have better luck. Eska made lots of little modifications from year to year, so try to find one specifically for a 1969 model.

Now the equivalent Sears "Ted Williams" model number for that year is 217.58520. Believe or not, Sears has the diagrams online for that model and this should be the same as your Wizard other than the decals. Heck, Sears may even still have some parts.

Good luck!

Re: Wizard special 5hp

Thanks I alot I will check it out!!!!

Re: Wizard special 5hp

I was told there is no 69 model? I have a picture of the Id plate and the numbers are correct. Why cant I find this engine online?

Re: Wizard special 5hp

Engine made by Tecumseh so as far as powerhead goes
check for a tag there. Two types: split crankcase
and unit crankcase. Look for Tecumseh type number
xxx-xx as that is needed to get right parts for
Tecumseh powerhead....location varies.
Rest of motor is likely generic Eska. My understanding
is that Eska still has parts support from an online