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I just bought a Wizard wd4s and know nothing about them other than it came from Western Auto, how old is it, how many HP, what fuel to use Mixture??? and does the prop always run when engine is going, I could not find a way to, or setting to allow the engine to run without the prop moving Thanks, Gary

Re: wd4s

You have a 6HP twin produced in 1947-48 and based on the Mercury KD4S. It looks pretty much exactly like the KD4S, but was originally gold, while the true Mercs were dull aluminum. They are direct drive, so yes, when you start them up, they go (no neutral or reverse). I'd probably recommend 16:1 fuel mix, and use Lubriplate 105 grease in the lower unit.

Hope that helps!

Re: wd4s

Here's the source I used for parts for my WG4.
Here's where my obsession with this motor began...
Now that it's running, I may have to find another...

Re: wd4s

Here is the thread with scans of the instruction manual for your motor. The other scans are the literature that came with my WD4S. everything is still mostly correct but don't use regular motor oil in your fuel. Use 2-Cycle TC-W3 Outboard Oil only. The part numbers are from the old system and are not current.