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Can You Lose Your Assets With Ledger?

No, people can't lose their assets stored in the ledger wallet device, they will be completely safe. This is because the unlocking of your hardware wallet will require people to put a PIN in it. Meanwhile, you can import your wallet account to some other wallet so that you can have access to your funds. Or if you have a ledger wallet spare device, just create a new account through the wallet. Once you have the account, follow the process of account importing. But losing of ledger wallet device is the rarest of the situations only if you are not cautious enough with it. Also, you must disclose your wallet login PIN code for safety purposes. Rest assured that the ledger wallets are fully secure enough to protect your funds from all the phishing attacks that might go through the ledger wallets.

The ledger wallet device has ample security options that you can enable to ensure the best possible security. Do not forget to use the ledger live application with it, because you would not be able to set up your account without it. You can get this application with the help of the link, this will lead you to the official website of the wallet and you will see the link to installation as well. Further, there are several ledger wallet products that you can select from that suit your requirements as well. If you encounter an error report it either to the wallet’s customer care support or execute the troubleshooting measures.

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