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Re: wizard 9 coc 9509a76 questions

Western Auto began sourcing outboards from West Bend
in 1964/5. At same time Chrysler acquired West
Bend as part of its Marine Division. Chrysler sold
outboards under Chrysler brand as well as suppling
several retailers with store brand moters.Chrysler
closed its Maring Division. The outboard part became
Force and eventually absorbed into Mercury Marine.
Clear so far?
Parts likely available either used ofr New Old Stock
from either West Bend or Chrysler brand suppliers
even 6 decades after it left factory.

Do your homework to correctly identify the part
because there is nothing more useless or expensive
than a wrong part. A vendor may or may not have the
time to determin what you need. Some will be able
to tell by description, a fey may have parts manuals
and where used references. If you are able to consult
a generic repair manue of that time period it will help. On line or local public library worth a look.
Some Chrysler care dealers also carried the outboards
but,car business has had so many ups and downs.
Online search under various ke words may turn up all
you need,
Good Luck