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WF4 water outlet

I recently got my WF4 running and was concerned because I didn't see cooling water peeing out. After searching the forum, I found Louis's comment: "while the twins discharge water internally via a tube from top of upper water jacket to the exhaust manifold." Does this mean that the water exits the engine via the exhaust port right above the prop on this engine, and I will not see it? Thank-you.

Re: WF4 water outlet

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Re: WF4 water outlet

Yes, water enter water pump, goes up water tube
to lower cylinder jacket, then the upper cylinder jacket then passes out by way of a thick tube to
the exhaust manifold and then passes out with the
Did you check condition of water pump impeller before
starting? Old impellers will shed pieces of vanes
which will block water flow and cause overheating.
On singles water outflow is easily ovserved, on a twin the first sign of overheating is smell of chared
If you open up water pump to find a failed, check to
see if all parts are present. Anything missing went
up into plumbing and is likely still there.
Good Luck