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Re: Prop 58 5.5 Wizzard

To get everyone on same page we need the information on ID plate to
know which Wizard outboard is involved. Western Auto sold Wizard brand
outboards made by a half dozen makers in the postwar period. With that
information, the right maker and model are known. Serial number may
sometimes be needed if maker made changes within model production.
May seem like going back to school, but, better to do the homework than buy the wrong parts. If you know what your are looking for , it is easier to find it....a bit of advice for those looking thru junk
parts at a large swap meet.

Year and power are not as specific as Make, Model and Serial Number
Hunting for an old outboard part, while not always successful, has
a better chance of a happy ending, if you start with ID plate.

Some parts searches are real long shots, others are possible using
basic information found on ID plate.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

Re: Prop 58 5.5 Wizzard

Aftermarket propellers maker Michigan Wheel offered a variety of propellers for about every brand and model outboard. A Michigan Wheel
catalog issued in 1958 or later will likely show prop(S) under
Wizard and Oliver heading giving part #s
If you know the shaft diameter, direction of rotation, number of blades you can go thru a pile of props and pick out possibles...
part numbers are usually stamped on prop.

Some catalogs are online. Once you track down the both Oliver and Western Auto part number for prop the search for the needle in the
hay stack odds shift a bit in your favor.
Michigan Wheel may even have one New O,d Stock.
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It may be possible to adapt a prop from a more common motor,