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Hello all, been awhile since I've visited. Thought I'd share some pics of a recent acquisition. Motor is complete but unfortunately is seized. A brief exam makes me think that the piston is in a position so that I can keep some witches brew from running out the ports. Hopefully I can get it apart and the cylinder won't be trashed. Keeping my fingers crossed. My apologies that the pics won't show on the forum and you'll have to click the links. Haven't had this happen before.






Re: WB3

STUCK seems to be a common affliction of the early Kiekhaefer made outboards...perhaps because those are the only ones owners will part with. I think your plan to use a skunk juice of your choice as a first measure is wise. No point in using a hammer where a feather will do. More vigorous measures as required IF required.

If rod cap screws and rod cap can be removed...sometimes possible sometimes not depending upon location of rod/angle and how firmly staked the screws are....
IF that is possible, piston/cylinder can be separated from crankcase assembly.
From there you can let it soak while attending to needs of rest of motor.

Congrats on finding an interesting project


Re: WB3

Thanks for the reply Louis. I always look forward to you views/input on these old Mercs. Not sure when I'll start work on it. Seems I have a number of motors needing attention and priorities always keep shuffeling around.