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WD-3 Wizzard outboard motor?

Where can i find a coil/points/condenser for WD-3 Wizzard outboard motor?

Re: WD-3 Wizzard outboard motor?

Magneto Brand and Model are on magneto plate. Magneto was made by an outside vendor for
Kiekhaefer Corporation (Mercury). Wizard WD3 was made by Kiekhaefer for Wester Auto and
is very similar to Mercury KD3. Both were 1946 models. Due to consumer demand and supplier uncertainties Kiekhaefer used old stock parts at times.

Once you have identified the brand and model of magneto please post it here.
There are several options to be considered.

Re: WD-3 Wizzard outboard motor?

Thanks to an observant friend who kept track of magnetos on motors that passed thru
his hands data indicates:

Post war Wizard WD3S Eisemann Model 61H magneto
Post war Mercury KD3 (early) Eisemann 61K, KD3(late) Bendix Scintilla K1-6
1947/8 Green Tank KE3 Bemdix Scintilla K1-6

1940/41 Sea King single( a basic model made for Montgomery Ward by Kiekhaefer)
and 1941 Mercury KB3 used Wico FW 1329B
No data on prewar Wizards

Mercury chart indicates all other prewar models use Eisemann Magneto
need observations to confirm model and version for both singles and twins
of both Mercury and Wizard. Kind of a hair splitting subject ,but, magnetos
are often in need of service and parts may need to be sourced.

More date would firm up matters.
Note: the Wizard and Mercury use different models of Eisemann 61 Magneto

It is possible to swap Eisemann and Wico magneto models listed above as the
mounting is the same. Models with Bendix Scintilla magneto are mounted
differently to a revised crankcase casting which will not accept either
Wico or Eisemann magneto.