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WF-4 carb and tuning question

So now that i have this thing were i can run it and im planning to take it out on the lake in a day or so,, not for a joy ride just more of i need to get it on the lake to open it up and see how it runs wide open how ever, what is the base tune suposed to be like for both the high a low speed mixtures?

also dose anyone have info on the carb as far as digrams and what not as im thinking this carb needs a cleaning as it will run wide with the throttle opend up but idle seams to be a problem witch im thinking is fuel related? or could i be barking up the wrong tree?

Re: WF-4 carb and tuning question

Go to this page.

use the "final adjustments" given for the WD4s in the general instructions booklet to adjust your carb.

The WF-4 parts diagram is further down to take apart the carb.

You may want to use carburetor cleaner and blow or rod out the passages for the idle. You may even need denatured alcohol to clear up shellac deposits. Waterlogged cork floats can be dried and coated with super glue to make them impervious to gasoline.