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66 wizard 9.2hp outboard lower unit

I'm looking for a fully intact lower unit for my once running great 66 wizard 9.2hp outboard... Please help this little lady get a clean bill of health.

Re: 66 wizard 9.2hp outboard lower unit

According to DISCOUNT MARINE PARTS, Wizard didn't have a 9.2 hp motor in 1966. They are only listed from 1969 to 1972. Do you have a model number? It should be COC-6609A96, COC-6609A07, or COC-6609A17. They were made by Chrysler at the time for Western Auto, so it's a good bet that a Chrysler motor of similar hp. and age would have a lower that would work with yours.

I did find what appears to be an incomplete manual for a 1966 Chrysler 9.2hp motor made for Sea King.

I think eBay would be the place to find it unless you can find one on Craigslist.