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1947 Wizard WD3S Deluxe Single-Throttle (Issues?)

Ok, so I bought this motor off of Craigslist about 4 days ago, and I have looked up videos of the same motor, one model year newer however, and the throttle handle moved back very easily in the video. The first thing I tried to do on mine was move the throttle back and forth, but it will not move. I took the flywheel and all of the covers off, and the throttle handle was screwed in directly to where the points are at. Does anyone know how to put it together CORRECTLY, because the last person who took it apart obviously had no idea what they were doing. Also, there is not even a spot on where the throttle handle would hook onto the carburetor to give the motor more gas. Not sure what is going on, or an I just losing my mind??

Re: 1947 Wizard WD3S Deluxe Single-Throttle (Issues?)

Got it running, thanks for helping