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1950 2HP Wizard Outboard Serial Number "5"

So I have what I believe to be a 1950 2HP Wizard outboard and the tag actually shows that this has a serial number of 00005. It actually has good compression and shows normal wear and tear for 67 years. While I'm not looking for an appraisal, can someone provide insight as to the impact Serial #5 would have on the overall value? I appreciate any feedback. Thank you all in advance.

Re: 1950 2HP Wizard Outboard Serial Number "5"

NICE for you to have #5, regards collectability it is in the eyes of the beholder or someone who is really lusting over a Wizard 2 H.P.. I use this saying, "That fact & 50 cents will get you a 50 cent candy bar"!!!. Believe me, been there done that many times & I am just being realistic. ENJOY your motor, restore it, run it & cherish it & therein lies YOUR pleasure.

Re: 1950 2HP Wizard Outboard Serial Number "5"

As far as I know Wizard never offered a 2hp motor. The 1940 WA2 was a 2.5hp motor and later single cylinder ones were 3hp and later yet 3.6hp.
Do you have a model number to help nail down the age and size?
Serial# 00005 is pretty cool regardless.
Here is a page to help you determine your motor age and size from the model number.