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WF-4 propeller gear and shaft

I purchased a new propeller shaft and gear for my WF-4. As I tried to assemble them this evening, the shaft would not fit easily into the gear. I mic'ed them and found the shaft at .493", and the gear ID at .489" to .490". I don't know if that much interference is normal, and thought I would check on the forum before I start hammering and score the shaft. Any thoughts on this? Thanks.

Re: WF-4 propeller gear and shaft

The gear is a press fit on shaft...sometimes a real tight fit...lube shaft and
gear bore. HF 12 ton press has its work cut out for it...expect to hear groans
As you press shaft into gear you can with some effort rotate gear to align
with hole in prop shaft.
The threads should be protected with a nut or similar to avoid mashing or bending the thread.

The tight grip of propeller gear on propeller shaft is needed to transfer
power of engine to propeller...the pin is there to locate only.

With an early Kiekhaefer twin it is vital to have the shims ahead of propeller
gear and the bronze washer and steel shim above pinion gear on drive shaft
Without those the pinion and gear will not mesh properly...the pinion should
have 14 teeth and the gear 19 teeth.

Re: WF-4 propeller gear and shaft

Thank-you Louis. I appreciate your response and the confidence to proceed with your information. Best regards.

Re: WF-4 propeller gear and shaft

Until you get the hang of it pressing gear on shaft to line up hole in gear with hole in shaft so 3/16" pin can be driven in is a cut and try. The use of
a 6" machinist's scale to eye ball alignment may seem a stretch but once you
develop the knack it works pretty well. As gear is pressed it is possible to
rotate gear/shaft into closer alignment using punches in holes to leverage
while pumping a stroke or partial stroke. Hydraulic pressure can be very gently applied and released to get holes aligned...may take some practice or you can get lucky. Using the straight edge of scale to align the holes is
the key skill...if you start it right all you need do is stop at right spot.
Mid course correction is an acquired skill.

it start gear is

... to

Re: WF-4 propeller gear and shaft

Working on KB3 prop shaft today...after driving out retaining pin for gear
and water pump eccentric both were slip fit on prop shaft. Apparently between
corrosion and polishing the few thousanths of interference fit disappeared.'
Happens with really old motors that have been apart once or twice in past.

How did your "press on" work out?

I have seen a 1/2 bolt used as prop shaft replacement...not very successfully
A good try though.

Re: WF-4 propeller gear and shaft

I have not proceeded yet. Perhaps tomorrow evening I will give it a try. I am glad you added about lining up the holes. Trying to get the best alignment with the rule at the start will be a good idea. Thanks much.

Re: WF-4 propeller gear and shaft

The gear is now installed on the propeller shaft. I was able to make some adjustment as the gear was nearing the hole alignment. The pin is in, and all seems good. The water pump is assembled and needs installed back on the lower unit. Thank-you for all the help.