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Fuel Mixture 1965 Wizard 9

Wizard 9 wba6509a56 fuel mixture please! I have gotten 16 to 1 and 50 to 1. Which is it?

Re: Fuel Mixture 1965 Wizard 9

Vintage after market service manual indicates 48 to 1 for regular service
and 24 to 1 for severe service. This is for the West Bend/Chrysler 9.2 sold as 9hp Wizard model 6509.

Be aware that from 1957/58 to 1964 McCulloch/Scott made Wizard outboards
During this time frame McCulloch changed ratio from 3/8 pint per gallon to
100 to 1 on some later design motors. 100 to 1 ratio was something that
worked ok during manufacturere's testing but did not work well for customers.


U.S. gallon 128 ounces liquid measure