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WF-4 parts and manual needed

I am in the process of restoring my Dad's 1949 WF-4, and would sure appreciate any help with finding parts. It appears that the Merc KD-4 is comparable, but I don't know what parts will cross over to the Wizard.

Some of the things I need are:

1. Manual with a parts diagram.
2. Water pump impeller
3. Prop shaft seals
4. Water pump housing seal
5. Correct decal set (not torpedo type)

Thanks much for any assistance locating parts.

Re: WF-4 parts and manual needed

WF4/WG4 have a number of unique parts to make them more Wizard than Mercury.

1)Parts manuals are not common for early outboards. There is one for KD4/s posted
on this site that may be helpful.
2) impeller is same as Mercury KD4/3, WD3/4 Mercury part # 47-24447
available on line from those who make obsolete impellers.
3)Prop shaft seal (in water pump housing) Mercury part # 26-22058 I believe
C/R 4923 is corrrect replacement.
4)Water pump housing to gear case seal is a gasket Mercury part # 27-24423 which can be purchased or made.
5) Decals are available from online sources.

Prior comments on this site may be worth reviewing. The early Kiekhaefer made
outboards are simple but well designed so you should be able to work without
a manual if you keep track of what you are doing, notes and digital photos may
come in handy when if you forget what goes where and in what order.

Although the Mercury and Wizard models are similar not all the parts are the same. Some are and some are not. Ask here if a question arises.


Re: WF-4 parts and manual needed

I think this person might have what you need.

High Quality Automotive Grade Decals with Protective Over Laminate. Johnson, Evinrude, Mercury, Wizard, Elto, Champion, Chris Craft, Neptune, Scott Atwater, Sea King, Phil Rite and many others. Also decals for remote fuel tanks. Over 125 different sets available. Call or email for a current list or pics of decals.

Dixie Hamack:
(763) 421-5346

Re: WF-4 parts and manual needed

Thank-you for the help Louis and Brian. I appreciate your time and information. Perhaps I will be asking more as the restoration progresses.

Re: WF-4 parts and manual needed

You guys are killing me:
The parts manual for WF-4 and WG-4 is already on the Wizard site here. about half way down is the parts manual free. The post right after it, is how to convert the part numbers into the last current mercury part numbers.

Re: WF-4 parts and manual needed

Brian, that is a thing of beauty! What a great resource. Thanks much for telling me about these documents, and posting them on this site.