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1965 6 HP Wizard LU Lube

I'm beginning to see if my grandfathers 1965 6 HP Wizard Model WBA6506A56 Serial No G1548 will still run. I removed the bottom lower unit screw to drain and replace the gear oil and nothing came out. Thinking it had been empty for some 15 years was not a good thing. My research so far indicated the motor is a Chrysler. From what I could find on the web it appears the lower unit should use a gear oil. I purchased 90 weight lower unit gear oil and the pump to fill the unit from the bottom hole. As I started to fill the unit what appears to be a light weight grease came out the top hole. The grease is much thicker than the oil I was pumping in. So now I'm confused. Should I be using oil or lube on the 65 6 HP Wizard.

As far as a gas:oil mixture I've seen anywhere between 24:1 to 50:1 with 32:1 being somewhat more common. Should I go with 32:1 when I get around to trying to start it.

Does anyone know where to get a manual? I'm sure I'll have more questions.

Thank you for your responses.


Re: 1965 6 HP Wizard LU Lube

Original recommended 24 gas to 1 oil ratio. (Pump regular with TCW 3 oil)

Original recommended gear case lube Texaco EP90 outboard gear oil.
(regular EP 90 may not have rust inhibitor that an outboard rated lube)


Re: 1965 6 HP Wizard LU Lube

Thank you Louis for your prompt reply. The SAE 90 Quicksilver High Performance Marine Lubricant I installed should be okay. I think running the shaft a short time then changing the lube again might help remove some of the previously installed grease. I can return the 105 Lubricant to NAPA. Would you recommend sticking with the original manufactures (Westbend/Chrysler) for the lower unit oil and gas:oil mixture? I suppose it's okay to play with the mixture a little depending on how hard I run it and how the plugs perform.

The other issue with the Wizard motor is the nylon gear that 'pops up' to engage the flywheel doesn't pop up unless you give the starting rope a quick yank. I believe there is a spring involved with engaging the nylon gear. The is a rectangular shaped spring there now that seem to move around. I ordered a parts manual for this motor on ebay this morning that might help. Or if you have any suggestions please chime in.

Thank again,

Re: 1965 6 HP Wizard LU Lube

Consistently mixed gasoline oil will make for less tinkering with high and low speed needles to obtain best performance. A leaner mix may allow for less fouling when doing a lot of slow running. The other extreme running wide open for long periods calls for even more oil than standard fuel mix ratio.

Anyone contemplating work on a recoil starter either to renew rope or replace
a part would be well advised to read the factory manual instructions and follow
the instructions carefully both when taking apart and putting it back together
Getting it right means doing it right....little things about how many turns to
wind up spring to preload starter tension can make or break job.
I have reviewed the manual instructions for this Chrysler(West Bend) Wizard and I have replace gear and rope on a similar vintage Evinrude. Reading and following instruction made it an easy job...Doing it right the first time is lots easier
on both blood pressure and vocabulary.