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'77 Eska 5hp, need some help

I have a '77 Eska built Wizard 5hp. The motor looks and runs great. I recently messed up something in the lower unit. I'm here to ask anyone where i could possibly find a service manual and or parts for this thing. I know its not worth much but i have more time than money and was hoping to get it back on the water for not too much $. Any info or help will be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Re: '77 Eska 5hp, need some help

Hi Ryan,
Do you by any chance know the model number of the motor?

Re: '77 Eska 5hp, need some help

Its an ESK6615A77. Is there another brand that crosses over to my motor? Thanks for the reply and any help you can give me. I've been lurking here for a while and you guys seem like a really good community.

Re: '77 Eska 5hp, need some help


Ebay will be the place to get parts for this motor. This is a 1977 5hp. Eska motor at heart. Probably similar to the Eska 14035B or 14036B. new parts are hard to find. The good news is that the lower units were very reliable and they used the same design in many outboards. If you buy a "parts" lower unit on eBay, stick with 5hp models to improve your chance of matching parts. The lower HP Eskas had smaller propellers. I like to get some parts from eskaman2008 on Ebay.

Here is a download of the Eska service manual.

You might want to join the Eska Outboards Group at Yahoo groups. They have lots of information in their files.

Discount Marine has a list of private label outboards made by Eska. Nearly all the sears, Ted Williams, and many gamefisher outboards are Eskas and I think that Clinton used the same lower unit design and are possibly interchangeable.

Here is the link to the service manuals in EBSCOhost
User ID: Marshall
Password: Public

Click on "Small Engine Repair Reference Center".
Click on "Marine/Boat Motors".
Try Eska or Clinton

That's about all I know to tell you.
Good luck.
-Bryan Smith

Re: '77 Eska 5hp, need some help

What you've given me is plenty! Thanks a million! I'll post how it turns out to maybe help someone else like me. Thanks again. BTW i love the work you've done with some of the "cooler" Wizards, top notch man.