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Wizard 1955 WH6 site to find parts?

Can't find a web site to find parts for my wizard wh6

Re: Wizard 1955 WH6 site to find parts?

Your local Western Auto Associate's Store is long gone. The address on id plate likely is likewise a disconnect. Where to find parts? Well it depends upon
which parts you need. Some parts can best be sourced from a parts motor, others
from vendors within the hobby. Sometimes a free ad on AOMCI Webvertize will do
the job.
Your outboard was made by Kiekhaefer (Mercury) and shares much with similar
Mercury Mark 6 series. Be aware that the KF5/Mark 6 series was an evolving
design with several redesigns so not all parts will interchange from some
in series.
A general answer to your question...the parts to restore or service an outboard
made back when Ike was in office and cars had tail fins take a little more effort to find but are still to be found although not all in one place.
List what you need here so suggestions can be made as to where to start and
who to ask.

Re: Wizard 1955 WH6 site to find parts?

Alright thanks for the reply. I just came upon the motor the other week and I have been trying to find out more info on it. I'm not planning on doing a complete restore on the motor. I would just like to be able to run it from time to time on my john boat. I plan on trying to get the motor running this weekend or at least get into it and see where or what needs to be fixed. If and when I have any questions or need to find any parts I will definitely post.

Re: Wizard 1955 WH6 site to find parts?

Remember it is a 2 cycle...requires 6 oz outboard oil per gallon of gasoline.
Watch out for overheating...rubber water pump impeller may fail at any time
if it is old. Carburetor and fuel system may be gummed up by old fuel
And check gear case plug to see if rusty water comes out.
Just the common items to give a once over to be sure you do no harm.
Depending upon prior use and care condition of your outboard may be
good to go or not good at all.
Good Luck