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2 Wizards WG4 Outboards for sale

Trying to figure out the best way to sell these. They haven't been run in a very long time. I believe both are locked up due to the fact that I can't turn the flywheel. I have a bunch of other projects on the go so these aren't at the top of the list but I don't like to see good outboards go to waste especially if someone can use them for parts or whatever. This is my first time using this forum so if I'm doing something wrong or need to add more stuff and information please let me know. I am located in Northern Mississippi

Re: 2 Wizards WG4 Outboards for sale

You can reach a wider selection of potential buyers by placing a free ad
on the AOMCI Webvertizer site.

Your ad should state FS (for sale) and location (Northern Mississippi)
Buyers would want to know condition and complete or missing parts,
Pick up only or are you willing to ship at buyers expense?
Price...I will suggest an asking Or Best Offer
A couple well set up pictures will greatly help a potential buyer
Make them Clear, Well Lighted and from several angles.
Stuck is a curable condition but it will require parts and labor.
WG4 was made by Kiekhaefer/Mercury using noncurrent components plus some unique components. Cosmetic condition and completeness are important to a someone
seeking to restore as mechanical items are more available than often missing
cowls, grips and handles.

Alternatives such as craigslist or ebay or similar on line auctions require
a little more involvement to comply with their rules and/or costs. Putting an
ad in local paper may be a free option...check first. My local paper has a
$99 or less free ad program. In all cases be prepared for someone who would
like something for nothing or better yet for you to pay to have it hauled
away. I once knew a fellow who ran a store stocked exclusively with stuff he found in trash or was given for $0 I bought a few things from him too.

In my opinion AOMCI ad will reach the people who are most likely to be
interested in an old stuck outboard AND willing to pay a reasonable price.