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fuel to oil ratio

i have a 1956 wizard 12 hp powermatic and was wanting to know fuel to oil ratio

Re: fuel to oil ratio

Basic information for Wizard, Mercury and Sea Kings made by Kiekhaefer
can be found in Tech Data on this site.

Re: fuel to oil ratio

Two Cycle Water Cooled - 3 aka TCW 3 outboard oil is the modern day replacement
for SAE 30 weight nondetergent motor oil. Mixes better with gasoline and leaves
fewer deposits in engine. Use in about same ratio as originally recommended
for motor oil or a tad less about 3/8 pint/6 oz per gallon. Mix thoroughly
before use. (6/128 is roughly 1 part oil to 21 parts gasoline). Hard use may
require a little more oil. Trolling may allow using a little less oil. If in doubt err on side of more oil. Good Luck

At the time your Wizard was made outboard oil was recommended. Use of motor oil
was allowed only because it was better than no oil at all. Simply a matter of
a purpose made product being far better than something never intended for
the use it was put to. TCW 3 is outboard oil that meets the third generation of standards agreed to by outboard manufacturers and refining companies.