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WM7A (does waterpump cover require a seal?)

Man I am fired up and excited to run this little Wizard Super 10 WM7A that I just bought. I always thought it would be fun to make a rat rod out of a mark 25 powerhead and a KG7 leg. Well Gat Dang....Wizard already did that! I just found that out.

Did the waterpump screw on cover ever come with a seal? seems like it should have one, but I looked up in my parts book for a KG7 and it doesn't show one in the schematic. Seems like it would reduce the pump pressure and allow water to escape around the prop shaft. If it does require a seal, anyone have a seal number?

Water pump number I found is 47-21164. Is that correct? Cheapest I've found is $35. Anywhere cheaper?

Been cleaning it with a toothbrush and wd-40. Not getting all the residue off. Anything that would work better?

What do you think the real horsepower is? My guess was around 14 hp.

Thanks much!

Re: WM7A (does waterpump cover require a seal?)

A good question and the answer is No. Cover for Mercury KE4, Mark 7 and KF7
is part # 22397 which has only the 2 holes for tool pins to engage.
The Mercury part # for the KF7,KG7,KG4 is 21166 which has a cavity to
allow projection of Thrust Plate part # 52 24488 used with KF7 and KG7
multi disc clutch plates and ribbed propshaft.

Note the KE4/Mark7 and KE7 have 9/16" smooth prop while KF7 and KG7
have a 5/8" ribbed prop shaft.

I had asked a machinist friend to make up a number of the covers for
KE4,Mark7 and KE7. Later found the cover on KF7 was different in both
prop shaft hole and the cavity to accept the Thrust Plate so I am
having a couple remachined to fit KF7.

The cover thread is 2 1/8" x 14 threads per inch Left Hand Thread. I was
fortunate to find a length of 2 1/8' aluminum bar at a club swap meet.
I say fortunate because I did not know that was exactly what was needed.
sometimes good luck is better than a good plan.

Nonmachinists take note...making a left hand thread is easier than making a standard right hand thread...less chance to run cutter into chuck and more time to stop travel.

As for price of that to cost of rebuilding a powerhead
More than a few good motors have seized up when an old impeller shed it
vanes...your motor your choice.