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KD3 or WD3 Rewind

Last Fall at a meet I was gifted with a hard to find rewind assembly which
had frustrated the donor to the point he wanted it gone. He had driven
a considerable distance to purchase the assembly on the understanding that
it was for a KD3. When he attempted to mount it on tank it would not bolt up
for some reason. I too had same problem. It may be that rewind is for a "not quite the same" Wizard WD3. I do not know if that is the case or if some other
factor is responsible.
Anyway today with time and urge the rewind was disassembled, cleaned and lubed. Whenever taking something apart I take notice of signs that others have been in there first. Five fasteners, three lock washers, two starter pawls, a washer and key were missing. Spring end had been broken and rebent and the starter shaft was stiff. I have no complaints but whoever sold the starter to the fellow I got it from should hang his head in shame.

For the moment starter is back together. The missing fasteners, lock washers
and starter pawls were replaced from spare parts on hand. It will take a bit of
trial and error to file a key from key stock. I may have a better spring... somewhere. The iffy is the core that binds in sheave. That make take some
adjusting and smoothing if it is to function. The manual is a little murky
on the old MagnaPull starters as used on KD or WD models although there is
fortunately some parts commonality.

If anyone can shed some light on why rewind seem to differ please do so.
Posting an illustrated parts list for KD and WE 3/4 rewinds would be helpful..

Re: KD3 or WD3 Rewind

Now in the mood to work on WD/KD 3/4 starters. Nothing like it to develop patience, persistence and profanity. Getting springs wound up almost tight
enough to fit into place and then getting pinched OW! That is part of
putting spring loaded starters together.
On the curious side I swapped tanks and recoil starters around with the result
that alleged KD3 starter in now on a twin tank and a starter I thought was for
a twin actually fitted a single tank. I am not sure what this all means but
at least a couple more motors look more completre. A case of the more you know
the less you understand.

Re: KD3 or WD3 Rewind

Just for the sake of the new folks who don't know, The WD3 and WD4 motors with a recoil starter are designated as WD3S and WD4S. Sorry to be a grammer Nazi of sorts.

Re: KD3 or WD3 Rewind

Brian Thanks for pointing that out. My writing and thinking are sometimes mutually exclusive.

Re: KD3 or WD3 Rewind

I have been "down in basement" again this week. I did some measuring of the
center to center distances of a single tank and a twin tank for KD/WD 3S
and KD/WD 4S of both the rewind mounting holes and the tank to motor mounting
holes to see if and how they differ. Several of the measurements are the same or close enough to be hard to distinguish.
However two measurements are different enough to be quick and positive methods
to determine if a tank (rope or rewind type) is for a single or a twin ...the
front mounting studs are 8 plus inches center to center on a twin and 7 plus
inches on a single. The front mounting holes for a twin rewind are 8 plus inces center to center while on a single they are 7 plus inches center to center.

so for either a tank or a rewind 8 plus means twin while 7 plus inches means single...unless and until someone finds an exception. Perhaps a big to do about
not very much except for those of us trying to track down tanks and rewinds.

Re: KD3 or WD3 Rewind

just to add to your data, the two front mounting holes on the recoil of my WD-4S are 8-1/8" apart from center to center.