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Craftsman Model 21758520 motor

I have a Craftsman model 21758520 and am trying to figure out the oil to gas ratio. Please assist.

Re: Craftsman Model 21758520 motor

Yours is a 1969 Eska built 5hp. Motor.
the fuel/oil ratio then was 16:1 but you could probably get away with 32:1

Re: Craftsman Model 21758520 motor

I forgot to mention that the Tecumseh powerhead is air cooled, but the exhaust column is water cooled by an impeller. Do not run it out of water. Impellers can be purchased on ebay and i believe there are regular ones and tall ones depending on the model. You will have to compare yours to the ebay pictures.

Re: Craftsman Model 21758520 motor

The 217 part of model number is a Sears Source Code that identifies maker Eska.
Sears retailed products made by a variety of manufacturers and identified maker
by first three digits of model number. Source Code list available on internet
may be helpful or not as Sears products were sometimes unique or modified versions of makers own brand.