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Bent Clamp Screws and Broken Clamp Bracket Salvage Straighten Installed

Sometimes the aluminum clamp brackets on early K Models have problems.
Winter project form junk had bent clamp screws and clamp bracket was not in
best of shape due to prior weld repair and break in weld.

Because a spare clamp bracket without clamp screws was available transferring
clamp screws seemed the best solution.

1) used dremel tool abrasive disc to cut slots in aluminum clamp bracket
about as close to opposite as possible around the clamp screws. Cast aluminum
is easily split out and clamp screws were out. Scrap aluminum to school
foundry program.

2) Removing discs from clamp screws took some thought...noting the dimple in
end of clamp screw and having some small steel balls suggested using press
to do what hammer and punch could not. Supported disc so screw could be
pressed by steel ball and press ram...worked without a hitch.

3) Used two flat pieces of aluminum bar to sandwich the screws and pressed
to take out bend so die could be run down thread. The screws are 1/2" x 13
course thread. Placed 3 nuts on at eacj end and the 3rd in
area of bend then put a thick flat slab of steel in press...turned screw
in nuts until middle nut was as high as it would go...then pressed on it
to force high spot down...repeated until no further improvement noted.
This left the clamp screws straight enough to work if not perfect.

4) Installed screws in clamp bracket then using a nut to support disc ran
the screw in forcing disc on projecting end of screw. Later when clamp
assembly is mounted on housing I will use tool to firmly attach discs
to screws. There are several work arounds if tool is not available.

Use of ball bearing enabled removes discs easily without damage.
Use of the three nuts to straighten is quick, easy and does no damage
as the high spot is apparent and thread is protected..
The decision to scrap the original aluminum clamp bracket was made because
it was damaged and a good replacement was on hand.
I did a lot of thinking to figure out how to do and very little time once
the method was arrived at.