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Wizard Outboard

Picked up a very clean and complete Wizard 7.5 model MLM6907A serial # 173A2822. Looking for age. This is a complete with gas tank and what appears to be a water pump device sort of like a sump pump that sits on bottom of boat and corrects to outboard via a hose. Will want parts info on water pump. Don't know anything else due to estate sale purchase.

Re: Wizard Outboard

I can tell you it is a 1959 made by Oliver. That is probably a bailing device.

This may help some

Re: Wizard Outboard

The 1959 model is a McCulloch product, not Oliver. Oliver made Wizards in '57 and '58. The Bail-a-matic was a gizmo that Scott Atwater introduced and was continued after McCulloch bought them out in 1956. The Scott-Atwater brand continued for a couple years and was shortened to Scott and later to Scott-McCulloch. In about 1964 it was marketed as McCulloch, So some refer to the 1959 model as a Scott made Wizard.

Try this manual instead: