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2 HP Wizard

Hi ,I just bought a Wizard 2 HP model WBA6800A serial no. 60248 and I am trying to find out what year this may be and if any manuals might be available.Thanks Terry

Re: 2 HP Wizard

I am going to make an educated guess...West Bend made an air cooled 2hp in
1960-61 and probably before. If I recall correctly the entry level Elgin
made by West Bend was an air cooled low power single for years..
It appears that there may be some overlap between West Bend and McCulloch
supplying Western Auto with Wizard Brand outboards.
Manual give carburetor for 2hp West Bead as a Tillotson MD 59A
If your Wizard has same carburetor that would tend to verify.
Summing it up...your outboard is probably a West Bend similar to a model
supplied to Sears under Elgin brand from about 1945 to late 1950s.
Western Auto sources for Wizard outboards during the late 1950s thru early
1960s is complex and a little confusing with changing suppliers and
overlapping product,

Some years ago a small air cooled Elgin was given a terrific repaint and presented to Lee Holland (akd Mr. Chris Craft) as a Chris Craft Cub.
He was being honored for hosting a huge meet at his place for many years.
Whether it would run or not is another story but when some really gifted
paint and polish types get to work the results are works of art.
I am pretty sure your Wizard its twin and an interesting find.

Re: 2 HP Wizard

I have had the same motor for about 25 years and haven't started it for about 20 years. I went out yesterday, cleaned the carburetor and spark plug, put new gas in it and after about 10 pulls it started up and ran good.
I would also like to know what year it is so if you have found out please let me know. Would also like to know if the motor has any value.


Re: 2 HP Wizard

Years ago Don Wiggins offered reprints of operating instructions and parts list for Wizard 2hp air cooled model.
I do not know if Don or a successor offers them today.
Perhaps an inquiry on AOMCI Ask A Member would be helpful

WBA West Bend Aluminum 6800 1968 model year seem likely

Re: 2 HP Wizard

Does it look anything like this?

Wizard WBA6800A on eBay
The tiller has patent numbers issued to West Bend.

Elgin 1953 2 hp model 571.58202

1954 Elgin 2hp

1959/60 Elgin 2hp

1960 West Bend brochure