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Super 25 Wizard outboard motor

I have a complete (non electric start) Wizard 4 cyl. 25 hp, Magneto is dead no spark, very good compression, lost interest, how do you ship, does it have to boxed.

Re: Super 25 Wizard outboard motor

Recommend you avoid shipment if at all possible. BAD things have been known
to happen to motors and shipping is costly. Depending upon how you stand
with local outboard dealer you may be able to have (or buy)
one of the shipping pallets they received a motor on. You can be sure it is large enough, strong enough and meets shipper requirements. Check with motor freight shipping firm as to their rates and policies so you will know what is involved.
I made a pallet and shipped two large outboard motors via a motor freight
carrier and an on line agent. It proved to be a lot of work and despite
a generous pre shipment weight guess on my part I was billed for weight in
excess penalty rate which I had no choice but to pay. Delivery of motor on
pallet to terminal was required. I found on first attempt that teeminal
was not staffed. I had to return late in day when a driver was in from
run to hand off to shipper. I have had better experiences in a dentist's

Re: Super 25 Wizard outboard motor

Thanks for advice, it is mostly what I expected, having a restoration car garage for over 50 years, I had to receive and ship world wide, I have been stuck with over estimate and hard work packing, getting too old for that B/S
" If you want it come and get it" my new motto......JPF