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What Type Gear Oil For Wizard 6 hp

I have a wizard 6 hp model BA6506A56 Ser. # C 2489 what type gear oil should I use

Re: What Type Gear Oil For Wizard 6 hp

Your 1965 West Bend/Chrysler made Wizard uses a "non corrosion leaded EP90
outboard gear oil" to be changed annually and topped up as needed.
At least that is what was called for back then. Lead may be a sticky issue
today. No doubt a reformulated EP90 gear oil is available at marine vendors.
EP90 is Extreme Pressure 90 weight Non corrosive means a rust inhibitor
has been included to prevent gears from rusting as moisture will enter
gear case despite seals.

Fuel ratio is given as 1/2 pint (8 oz) per gallon (128 oz) 8/128= 16 to 1 ratio that seems a little oily by today's standards but that is what the book
says. I believe this is for the 3 1/2 air cooled printed in error.
Chart on same page calls for 24 to 1.

Ounces in this connection are liquid ounces which are measured by volume
not by weight. Old saying "A pint is a pound the world around" should
help you keep that in mind.
Old books can be very helpful but they are not always right.
No idea what prefix BA means.

Re: What Type Gear Oil For Wizard 6 hp

Thank You I put regular outboard gear oil in it and it is leaking a little oil out of one of the small holes on the bottom of the foot.

Do you think 50:1 is to lean for this motor

Re: What Type Gear Oil For Wizard 6 hp

Leakage may be oil that has passed thru motor and is dripping from exhaust
That is normal. If not the case more investigation needed.
50 to 1 may be a little thin especially for running flat out maybe not
for trolling at slow speed and oil is "TOP QUALITY." There are some
who have had adverse experience with some brands of oil in some motor
AND there are those who state a belief that this brand or that is the
cat's meow. Best opinion is even the most expensive oil used generously
is cheaper than parts destroyed by running too thin too hard.

The truth of the matter is this today's outboard oils and lubes are better
and some are better than others. Motors have changed too. It is an apples and oranges comparison to figure out how much of which modern oil to add to today's no lead gasahol. Probably somewhat less modern oil but not as thin as for
more modern motors. Some outboard makers thought they were making outboards
that could live on 100 to 1 ratios...and warranty claims soon changed their
thinking. I would suggest a TCW-3 with an outboard makers brand on label
mixed at motor maker's ratio and read the spark plugs. Your use and
motor's needs should agree.
It is important to mix accurately and consistently from batch to batch