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7 h.p wizard

I need to know if anyone has a clue if this boat motor is worth anything. Old 7 hp wizard model number esk6601a17

Re: 7 h.p wizard

Eska made several models of air cooled outboard motors sold thru a number of
retailers under various brand labels. Value depends on if it is in good running
condition or requires only minor item(s) Someone who is looking for a low cost
outboard to use would pay a modest sum. Although the powerhead is air cooled there is a water pump (and impeller) to cool exhaust. It is a two cycle motor so a gasoline/oil mixture is required.
Value will have to be determined by negotiation between buyer and seller.

Re: 7 h.p wizard

Thanks alot. Just wanted to know if it were a antique that I should hold on to. Because of rarity or anything of the sort

Re: 7 h.p wizard

Antique outboards are defined by AOMCI as those made in 1950 or before.
Rare is harder to pin down but usually means more demand than supply.
Eska made outboards do not qualify as antique or rare. Value is modest
Hopefully yours is ready to use.
Many old outboards were ridden hard and put away wet or dumped in a corner when they quit running because repair was more than they were worth. The numbers of unwanted and unloved old outboards available for very little is what got me into the hobby. A number of my outboards came out of the junk yard.
My wife probably will send them back there someday.