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mercury ke3 (1947TO48) need help

mercury KE3 comit 3.6 hp Need a schematic of the lower unit,For the oil seal on the drive shaft that goes in to the lower unit Or some one that can look it up for me Thanks Vince email

Re: mercury ke3 (1947TO48) need help

Drive Shaft Seal is Mercury Part Number 26-24440 per manual
This may be a replacement for the earlier leather or rawhide seal
The seal goes in first followed by the spring and then the spacer
which aligns gear case to exhaust/drive shaft housing.
Seal lip should face up to exclude water...grease leakage not an issue.

Re: mercury ke3 (1947TO48) need help

C/R acquired by SKF years ago.
24440 would not cross reference at SKF or National
SKF seal handbook gives a seal for 1/2" shaft in a 3/4" pocket
A standard seal 4912
Seals work when the shaft is smooth, round and concentric to seal.
Drive shafts almost invariably pitted and grooved.
Clean and degrease shaft and apply a coat of JB Weld
Allow it to harden and sand smooth. Probably there are better
solutions but that is what I have done.
For those with a tool post grinder and lathe it might be possible
to precision grind the top end of drive shaft to produce a smooth
surface for both bushing and seal.
I have miked the shafts... the top end is 0.500" while the lower end
is ground slightly under 0.500" The wear on the bushing in
gear case may require a replacement gear case.
In theory a good machinist could rebush the gear case
but that would be a fairly advanced level project as a fixture
whould need to be designed and made to very tight spec
in order maintain alignment of the drive shaft and prop shaft bushings
It is also possible to rebush the water pump housing.
At some point rebushing will need to be considered if good used
replacements become hard to come by.

Water pump housing seal is 26-22058 and if I recall thet will cross

Except for the models using the oscillator water pumps the above applies
The oscillators use an assembly of parts to seal water pump housing.