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wanted KE3 part

I need the propeller shaft gear, Mercury KE3, 3.6HP, ser no. 234502, (1947or48)Comet Deluxe I think the numbers are 4321155 or 4322442 But I am not sure. (22 spline).

Re: wanted KE3 part

Single cylinder Kiekhaefers from K1 thru KE3 use same 12/22 prop shaft gear set.Kiekhaefer made prewar Sea King singles and both prewar and postwar Wizard singles also use the 12/22 gear set. Any of the above will interchange although best to do as pair.
If your gear is bad and prop shaft is good drive out the 3/16" pin then press
the gear off the shaft. Gear is usually a very tight fit on shaft.

Gasket between water pump housing and gear case can be made from heavy duty kraft paper grocery bag. Using a thicker gasket may upset gear lash.

Screws that hold water pump housing to gear case should have lock washers that match undersized head of screws...lock washers are often missing. I believe the smaller diameter lock washers are available as hex socket head screw lock washers. Using hex socket screws is an acceptable
practice in my opinion if correct screws are not to be found.
One of the small but important points to watch is screw lengths vary by
as little as 1/16"...making reassembly a trial and error process if you
did not pay attention...prior mechanical work probably mixed things up
and used non original replacements. Modern screws have different heads
and will need to be trimmed to desired lengths to fit.

The screw that secures the gear case to bottom of exhaust housing should
NOT have a standard size lock washer as there is no room to clear
the part of water pump housing that covers the screw. If original lock washer
is not there maybe a hex socket head lock washer can be used. It may be
that hex socket head screw lock washers are too exotic for local hardware
and may have to be sourced on line.

East Coast Marine or several other on line vendors may be able to help with
prop shaft gear. It is possible there may be New Old Stock gears around. More likely parts will have to come from a too far gone to restore parts motor. AOMCI chapter meets are good places to "look around and ask around" for help or parts.

It is not unusual to find the twin cylinder 14/19 gear sets chewed up due
to a prior mechanic leaving out shims and or spacers required for correct
gear lash. I have several spare sets of badly chewed 14/19 gears. Single
cylinder 12//22 gear sets do not have spacers or shims and usually are
good to go in my experience.

Louis (hex socket head lock washers are a new to me thing so I may be off base) As for rest trust me... been there done that.

Attention: Toronto guys comeing to Suter Meet October 18

There has been a stuck and missing covers KD3 on Toronto Kiji at Kington Cn$50
If anyone in the Toronto area is coming to Suter Meet October 18 could we work something out?
I have a rebuilt powerhead and could use a parts motor to assemble a runner.
I would not need the gearset so I could part with it reasonable. Early K Model
singles that are stuck can be salvaged IF piston and crankshaft are acceptable.

ATTENTION: Toronto/Kingston area outboarders
Could you track down and bring this small merc to Suter Meet for a consideration?
If so, we need to communicate.
Louis aka Green Thumbs @