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please help me figure out what year my 7.5 wizard is

I was given a 7.5 horsepower wizard outboardthat hasn't run in 15 years. I have a guy thats going to fix it for free but he needs to know what year it is so i can order a carb kit for has a white plastic cover and a golden lower unit. It looks like it's from the 1970's but I have no. J wish I could post a pic of it on here. Also it has a round carb. I can email pics for sure. Thanks guys!!!

Re: please help me figure out what year my 7.5 wizard is

Outboard motors (other than OMC brands) usually have vendor supplied magnetos and carburetors. Each are marked by cast in or stamped on identification as to maker and model. Id plate if still on motor would pin down model and year.

If yours is an air cooled motor it is likely one
supplied by Clinton or Eska. Which have a Tecumseh power head assembly.
Numbers stamped in to sheet metal or on a tag contain information
parts counter clerk needs in order to supply correct parts...if available.
Good Luck