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1966 parts

Hi everyone, I am looking for a new replacement water impeller 50065-1 for my 1966 Western Auto/Wizard 9hp motor. Thanks...John

Re: 1966 parts

Made by Chrysler (which had just acquired West Bend) Should be same impeller
as found on Chrysler, West Bend and several other rebrands...may even be a
carry over into Force and Mercury Marine models. Brian Wilcox makes a range
of hard to find impellers and rubber parts in case you can not find an OEM

Re: 1966 parts

Thanks! I was trying to remember the name Wilcox. Some of the impellers that I have seen listed for my motor had ten blades, others only six. The catalog illustrates it as 10. Hmmmm...

Re: 1966 parts

Brian is hosting a Great Lakes Chapter AOMCI mini meet at St Clair Michigan this Saturday July 26, 2014. I plan to attend and hopefully take something worth showing off. This in conjunction with a race of the LOUD FAST and $$$ super boats. We of the small slow and not as fancy old outboards may be just a gnat on an elephant.
I will get up to date on what Brian is doing...

Re: 1966 parts

Brian is still the man for hard to find water pump impellers.

Brian Wilcox Impellers
9231 Stone Road
Algonac,Michigan 48001 (correct zip code)
(810) 794-7685 call early in evening Easter Time as he is off to work early.


Mini meet was made more interesting by Mother Nature putting on a snap,
crackle BOOM! show. Rain did not last...BSing went on and on. A barn find
Mercury KE4 provided some work for Drs. of Motors present. Apparently motor
had been tuned up before storage as it only needed points and carburetor cleanup to start and run in test tank. Water pump really sprayed water out exhaust relief holds but prop did not kick water around tank...prop nut threads
chewed up so it did not hold prop against clutch. Motor was in about average
cosmetic condition with the usual tank dents. Arms on upper water jacket
that support tank had broken tips...weld,replace or leave alone.

Re: 1966 parts

Thanks for the full address for Brian, other links did not work or were hopelessly inaccurate. My white Wizard 9 is so clean and original, it seems that no tools ever touched it. I am kinda wondering if the fuel pump will function. Glad I found a parts manual! John

Re: 1966 parts

Fuel pump kits may still be available. Some workarounds are to replace with
a common modern design or get membrane material and improvise. Later motors
are not my strong point so better advice should be sought. When you attend
a meeting of like minded folk the interchange of ideas and suggestions expands
options and makes the murky clear. If a person is interested in seeing one old
outboard back to work chances are there will be others. More than a few old
outboards are out there looking for new and more welcoming homes.
Beware: collections can become addictions...the test is would you sell one
you have restored or intend to restore.