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1957 Wizard Super Power 25 Parts

Hi all,

New to the forum and was having a great time pulling apart my 25 until I snapped the exhaust housing lower unit bolt.

Anyone know of parts availability for a 25?


Re: 1957 Wizard Super Power 25 Parts

Well I have had no luck in finding parts just as I knew it would be tough.

I did however manage to get the stud and housing secured back into place with some JB Weld. I will not be running this motor on a boat unless it needs to be in a movie.

I will post some pics of the restoration in a different thread.

Re: 1957 Wizard Super Power 25 Parts

Many are the tales of woe involving stuck or broken fasteners encountered
while taking an old outboard apart. The advice often given is do not take
them apart any further than you have to or treat every fastener as if it
will snap or pull threads out of aluminum...and some certainly will.
Some will advise cutting heads off suspect bolts or studs, remove cover or
other parts and go at the remaining portion of bolt or stud with aggressive
heating and magic elixirs...methods and results will vary depending upon
motor and mechanic. One thing is certain working on an older outboard calls
for patience,technique and a bit of luck. If things go wrong it will take
longer and cost more than planned.
Having said the above...the really big and tough issue is where did the prior
mechanic put the covers, fasteners and other often gone items when they
worked over the motor several decades ago? I am still looking for that
forgotten workbench scrap pile.

Re: 1957 Wizard Super Power 25 Parts

Louis you are very correct.

I have been rebuilding these beauties for many years and have encountered everything you mentioned.

I was literally down to the last nut I had to remove...LOL

I am more of an early Johnson fan, but have decided to broaden my horizon and got a good deal on this WA25 I like how it looks, not just an old Merc, but a Wizard. This motor was complete, so I am not looking for any parts, which is always a good thing!!!

My plan is a total restoration as working and looking good motor. They are not rare, so keeping them with the patina is not as important as it would be on other more rare hard to find motors.