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WG-4 Starter Rope Assembly

I am looking for a complete starter pull rope assembly for a wg-4 any help would be appreciated thanks

Re: WG-4 Starter Rope Assembly

I believe the assembly is same for WF4 and WG4 but mechanism is not same as
prior Kiekhaefer and Wizard models. Finding missing the parts will take some
doing but not impossible.
Some avenues to follow...
1) ebay
2) outboard salvage firms
3) advertise on aomci free site webvertize
4) attend outboard meets and ask around as well as look around
5) contact Wizard special interest group leader
6) where you acquired the motor...a long shot but never hurts to check back
and ask and/or look around.
I have an extra "cage" that attaches to the flywheel if you need that part
as well.