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1947 wizard outboard wd-3s what\\\'s it worth running and fully complete?

1947 wizard outboard wd-3s what\\\'s it worth running and fully complete?
Also I have another outboard looks are similar but on top there is a button to engage the pull cord any clue who makes it
It\\\'s a two cylinder no vin or model number.

Re: 1947 wizard outboard wd-3s what\\\\\\\'s it worth running and fully comp

The trouble with an answer to "what is it worth" question is that the answer has to be flexible enough to cover all conditions in all areas at all times. A sale
price arrived at between two knowledgeable persons neither under any pressure
to buy or sell is very specific but only for that motor, at that time and
place between those two market participants. Due to large pool of old outboards
looking for a new home and a relatively small number active in the hobby it is
a buyer's market.
As for your unknown motor post a picture or post make and model of carburetor
and or magneto...usually that narrows the field.

Re: 1947 wizard outboard wd-3s what\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s

I just need a general price range . I have a buyer and just need to know some kind of price and as for the other motor I have pics
But idk how to post them to here.

Re: 1947 wizard outboard wd-3s what\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

At a meet you may find average complete but unrestored WD3 or KD3 priced in $100 to $150 range and perhaps they find buyers but only seller and buyer know actual selling price. If the motor is complete it may still need a coil and impeller or will soon. Even a complete motor (and they are often missing, cowl, spark plug cover and rewind assembly) can have tough to resolve issues.
There are two points of view on value...the seller's who can see only the
positive and a potential buyer's negatives...natural and customary parts of
the negotiation which may or may not lead to a meeting of the minds.
Cards are held close, facial expressions blank and true thoughts never expressed in attempt to get a little better price or a little better bargain.
A really nice motor is worth more but saying what that might be is not a call I can make.

Personal preference is for rusted, busted and missing parts motors at rock
bottom get it out of my sight prices. I like to tinker and have the time. A lot of old outboards meet my requirements. On the other hand there are a very few pristine original old outboards and there are those who have neither the time nor inclination to tinker...prices tend to be a little higher.
Restored can not be a perfect substitute for original even if well done...some are and some are like barn paint applied with a large brush.
I have seen ribbon winning motors and wonder if they run and I have seen
as found in bottom of cesspool motors running perfectly at wet meets...
(after owner applies the correct technique and a few harsh words or thoughts
to get them to start)
Good Luck
Picture best if you can post but knowing brand and model of magneto and
carburetor often is clue enough to pin down a motor. Several years ago I was
given remains of a prewar single by Kiekhaefer. Magneto was used on
one model for one year. It can be that easy to identify a motor.

Here in Michigan boats and motors sell best in Spring and early Summer
Not as much interest in boats or motors in Fall or Winter.