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Help, My Wd3-s wizard will only run fully advanced at out of control rpm's. New coil, points, crank seal, rebuilt carb, rings; anyone know what's wrong? Carb adjustments seem to make no difference. Any ideas will be put to the test.( It's turning into a money pit). If can't solve, I'm sending it to Davie Jones' locker. Thanks

Re: Wd3

A guessing guesses would all be related to carburetor shutter and
the cam that contacts extension of shutter shaft. It sounds to me like the
carburetor shutter is either absent or fully open thus allowing engine
to rev...somewhat less understandable is spark advance having no effect on
engine rpm at retarded positions...if over revving only at fully advanced
there may be an advance stop being exceeded.

My suggestions: 1) revisit carburetor rebuild 2) review magneto plate
for signs that something is missing or not in correct position
If possible compare to manual illustrations of AJ series carburetor
and look at another similar magneto plate if one is available.
Carburetor shutter may be jammed open due to being installed on shaft
incorrectly...shaft,spring,extension to contact magneto cam, shutter and
cam on magneto may be possible sources of problem.

Other points to consider: mixed parts...although Mercury and Wizard of WD/KD
era are very similar I have found Mercurys have a shorter drive shaft
and exhaust/drive shaft could be you have a too short driveshaft
that leaves powerhead unconnected and free to rev...I had the opposite
Saturday when showing a ready to assemble set of parts at a local event...
too long shaft would not allow powerhead to attach to lower unit.

If you decide to give it the "Deep Six" please consider my test barrel.

Re: Wd3

Hi thanks for the information. I think the cam on the magneto plate is wrong.It's a Bindix-Santilla. The cam that works the carb butterfly doesn't engage till the magneto plate is almost fully advanced.I don't know what it should look like. It fits the cam plate right. It may be the wrong carb but I doubt it, it's a AJ10A. If any one has a picture of the mag cam plate it would be a big help thanks.

Re: Wd3

There are several Bendix magneto models. Look on bottom of magneto plate for
Make, model and usually serial number. Post that information.
KD3 used both Eisemann and Bendix magnetos...WD3 probably used same brands.but not necessarily same model magneto
What can you say about history of your WD3? Did it run, was it assembled
or loose parts, creative re engineered aka parts swapped
Did you have the magneto apart to clean and refinish

These are pretty simple motors with a low part count and not much that
can be assembled wrong (although the sequence of dis assembly and re assembly
can trip you up as can keeping track of which fasteners go where.
We can assume the coil, points, wiring and condenser are good to go...