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Re: Wizard 5hp impeller question

Ebay source for Impeller.

Re: Wizard 5hp impeller question

thanks for the reply,the impeller on this motor is a little different, it is only 1/2" long & doesn't have a pin in it, shaft does have hole for pin but it is above housing. it almost looks like impeller is just slipped on shaft,
I cant tell if shaft is stepped and is a little bigger where impeller sets or if impeller has metal insert, but I cant see any type of keeper. I think this motor is a bit newer than one in video, mine has plastic cowl and has 2 bladed prop. Thanks for the help

Re: Wizard 5hp impeller question

The impeller source is the same for both types. You just have the short 5 bladed impeller.

Does your impeller housing look like this?

Then you probably need this impeller. This one is 1/2in thick and around an inch and a quarter across the top.

It's been a while since I've had my Eska lower end apart, but I believe the shorter impeller has a notch in the metal core that one end of the loose pin that goes sideways through the shaft rides in. I believe the impeller should just slide off the end of the shaft with a little gentle persuasion. I think that the impeller housing is what holds the impeller in place, which holds the cross pin in the shaft, when the motor is together. I don't remember any steps in the shaft itself, just splines and that hole for the pin.
Hope this helps.

Re: Wizard 5hp impeller question

That was it, just had to massage it a bit, I saw the "eska man" had em, so I will order one from him. thanks for the help