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new old engine

I just bought an old Wizard 3.0 engine for $40.00. The numbers on the plate under the gas tank are 642-222 and 7757908. I need info. The maker is Tecumseh.
I am older and don't check my email often so be patient on a reply. I point gap setting and spark plug gap settings.

Re: new old engine

The chart at this link should tell you something about who made Wizard outboards for Western Auto and what years they made them. your numbers don't match any of these model number prefixes. Perhaps they are powerhead tags?

Are you needing info on the powerhead as to point gaps and spark plug numbers?

Re: new old engine

Just found the model # plate. The model is ESK6613A67 and the serial is 67-350143. Yes I do need the point gap and spark plug gaps.

Re: new old engine

Your outboard was very likely assembled by Eska using a Tecumseh powerhead
installed upon an Eska made tower and lower unit.
Tecumseh made a variety of versions of its powerheads so you need the tag
data to order powerhead parts (if available).
Eska outboards were sold under many different brands with perhaps minor
changes in paint or trim.

Re: new old engine

That motor of yours is a 1976 Wizard. Carb Kit DI-52027 Eska Tec 642-22
Most likely a Tecumseh AV-520 powerhead. The AV-520 was used on outboard motors from 3 to 5.5hp
using your type number 642-222, from my small engine book, your

breaker point gap.....0.020 inch

Ignition timing (piston
position BTDC)........0.085 inch

I use 32:1 gasoline/oil ratio with a good grade TC-W3 marine oil in my Eskas and other vintage outboards.

Try searching here:

User ID: Marshall Password: public

Left click on "Small Engine Reference Center".
Left click on "Marine/Boat motors".
Left click on "Tecumseh Power Products"
Left click on "Tecumseh unit block models"
This should help you with point gaps and spark plugs.

Instead of Tecumseh Power products, you can click on Eska or Mcculloch (3-1/2 hp) or even Clinton for the lower units. They are pretty much all the same lower unit with a few exceptions.

This Database is good for other model outboards and small engines also, so save the link, username and password. It may come in handy someday.

Here is a Technician's Handbook for Tecumseh 2-cycle